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Monday, September 2nd, 1974, was the first day of my career as a professional software engineer.

Today, for the first time in that 33+ year career, is my first day of my first interruption of that career: I’m now practically *) unemployed.

I’m sitting here today, a sunny Saturday in February, in my office at home, surrounded by boxes full of computer books and 33+ years worth of computer related junk.

I’m kinda sad it **) happened, but on the other hand … I’m ready to tackle something new and exciting.

Now … if only someone would offer me an opportunity to do just that …

I’ll keep y’all informed.

*) I said practically, because technically my severance deal will keep me on the payroll till┬ámid May. But my office is empty, the lights are off, I handed in my entry badge and we drank beer all yesterday afternoon at the local pub with the last diehards of the ‘transition’ team (clean-up crew) that I was part of.

**) Conexant closes wireless division

3 Responses to “Unemployed!”

  • deannie says:

    33 years? I haven’t done anything in my life for 33 years yet besides walk the face of the earth. I am excited for you, I wonder what is next? Wishing you all the best Paul.

  • Victor says:

    Man… Da’s lekker dan…
    Misschien kun je jezelf gaan verhuren als wp en joomla websitebouwer.
    Dat is een gat in de markt.
    Good luck, anyway.

  • Dawnell says:

    Don’t worry, honey. You don’t even need to look for a job until you have finished the honey-do list. And … there is only one thing on that list … GARAGE!

    I love you – and we’ll be fine. *kiss*

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