No, this is not about my toupee.

This is about ‘Terms Of Use’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ in relation to my blog.

Terms Of Use:

You use it: you lose ‘it’.

‘it’ being defined as anything I can get my hands on and can legally sell.

That’s it.

Q: Wow! Are you serious?

A: I’m merely stating a possibility. Let me clear up my motto a bit: It means that I CAN, not that I WILL, collect and/or sell any information I can gather on you by visiting this site.

Q: So, WILL you sell my email address?

A: Now look, I have FIVE readers who read this blog (one of them being myself). Will I go out and actively try to sell those email addresses? I currently have no plans or intention to do so. However, if someone knocks on my door tomorrow and offers me one million bucks for those email addresses? HECK yeah, I will sell them, including my own, and I will even throw in a free cat or two!

Q: Wow. Are you serious?

A: Five email addresses? One million bucks? Yes! Expect more spam coming your way!

Q: No, I mean about the cats?

A: No. Of course not! I LOVE those animals! Not for a million bucks! NEVER!

Q: Never?

A: Well, if a nice lady comes along and offers five million, and she has a 10,000 square feet mansion nearby, including a well stocked bar, heated pool, and she agrees on unlimited visiting rights … I may think about it.

Q: Do you use cookies?

A: No comment. I mean, I’m diabetic, and if I tell you I use cookies you could tell my doctor, and she would then REALLY get mad at me for doing things that I shouldn’t be doing, which is good, because I pay her a lot of money to keep me healthy, but .. hey.. I’m only human!

Q: No, I mean those ‘web’ cookies.

A: Ah. Of course. Yes. My blog is based on WordPress software and it uses cookies. Disable them at your own peril. SOME things may not function anymore. I have NO clue which functions, nor do I care. YOU disable them, YOU suffer the consequences.

Q: So, basically, what you’re saying is that I’m screwed when I visit your site.

A: No. All I’m saying is that you COULD be. Just like visiting ANY other site on the internet, no matter what their “Terms Of Use” or “Privacy Policy” says. I mean, if you BELIEVE that Costa Rican site where you just bought your $1 a pop Viagra pills, when they have a Privacy Policy saying they won’t ‘collect’ your email address … then you DESERVE to be conned!

Q: Oh, you have a Privacy Policy too?

A: No. I lied about that.