MoiAbout this site:

It simply is a collection of my rants and raves, my place to vent … it has no structure…. at times it will be sad, silly, outrageous, highly opinionated (often!), informative, funny, offending (you’ve been warned!), rational, irrational, stupid, pensive, pointless, inspiring, boring, interesting and … well… as I said .. structureless.

It also serves no purpose whatsoever.

You’re welcome to comment on anything you like, but I DO request (mandate) that you register first.

Not only to protect myself from so called ‘comment-spam’, but mostly for your protection: without this measure it’s extremely simple for anyone to pretend to be you and say things that would incriminate you. I’m sure you wouldn’t like that!  … (Currently experimenting with a ‘no registration required’ policy)

Go for it …