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Unemployed again

PostHeaderIcon Unemployed again

As of June 1st, I am unemployed.


But not without work.

This morning I found THIS taped to the bedroom door:


(Click picture for larger version)

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5 Responses to “Unemployed again”

  • Rob says:

    Wow! If that’s not an incentive to find a new job fast, I don’t know what is! 🙂

    Good luck on the search, Paul.


  • Laurilee says:

    HOLY CRAP!!!!!! Paul don’t worry I will help you. This list is a picture window into my childhood. I had tons of those lists. But they were hand written and I just made them disappear, and she forgot half of what she wrote… Your list is electronic though and she probably has this list in a folder titled Paul’s to-do lists. 🙂

  • Paul says:

    @Laurilee, ahw, thanks!

    And you know, I’m pretty sure she WILL forget half of it, and guess what .. I will forget the OTHER half.
    As for making that list disappear: believe me, I know how to do that, EVEN (if not especially) with electronic ones.

  • Injun says:

    I for one do not agree with item 8. Scrap it. We still need to go over all that, with a good beer/single malt W. at hand, not for good ol’ times sake (oh, no!), but to find that missing project that was going to get us all filthy rich. Plenty good afternoons filled like that would make it impossible to finish it all before July.


  • Paul says:

    @Injun: I agree!

    I’m SURE there will be a box somewhere in my garage, that has all the coasters (bierviltjes) on which backs’ we jotted down our next big inventions! I forgot the name of that pub in Zaventem where we solved most of the world’s problems. Some of those scribbled-on napkins are now probably worth MILLIONS!
    Didn’t we detect the Higgs boson one day, with a coffee machine, a WC plunger and the magnets of an old 67MB CDC drive?
    And we also duplicated cold fusion one weekend! DANG, that was fun! And remember that letter we sent to Richard Feynman, about what the problem with the Challenger was? And there he was: on TV, as if that cup of ice water was HIS idea! We did so many great things! Do you know that there are people here in the US, who actually think that the Internet was an AMERICAN invention? HA!

    And throwing away my old Vista-TELEX notes? NEVER!!!

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